Amazon Author Resale Rights

Amazon self-published author-publishers
should not have to eat crap

June 4, 2020 screenshot of Baby For President selling new and used in Canada: $10,515 and $50,000 Canadian dollars.
July 7, 2020 screenshot of Baby For President selling new and used in Canada: $10,515 and $50,000 Canadian dollars, in French.

Can Books Mela buy my print-on-demand book for $14.95 to resell immediately for $10,515 new and $50,000 used, (especially when the book does not even exist), attaching themselves to my listing to advertise the outrageous offering and displaying my copyrighted artwork with their advertising without my permission to use it?

Perhaps we should lobby for Author’s Resale Rights, like Artist’s Resale Rights, so that when our books are sold by third-party sellers, we get a royalty from that. So therefore when my book is sold for $50,000 in Canada, I would get 5% of that — $2,500. Sweet.  Amazon makes two commissions on the deal in short succession, why shouldn’t we?

It’s absurd to be defending sellers on Amazon who sell our books for multiples of the retail price that we set our book to sell. That isn’t the way the real world works. Amazon has pricing rules for us, to determine the price of our book – I can only sell my book for between $10 and $250. To defend sellers who use our precious books, into which we put our heart and soul, for outrageously priced listings is ludicrous. To somehow think it’s sophisticated to let this go on is actually quite the opposite.

You don’t go into a brick and mortar bookstore that is full of books costing multiples of the actual retail price. That’s not reality. Nor do we need to be used to make sellers look like they have every book in the ISBN catalog, as if that’s adorable or something, let’s pinch their cheeks. It makes us look bad to be connected to such fraud. 

And imagine the returns for books because a paperback book had to go through TWO (shabby and also germy, possibly exposed twice to COVID-19) shipments during a serious pandemic to get it sent to them, when they actually ordered it NEW, not “like new.” 

Self-publishing authors, after all, don’t want Amazon customers to have a bad experience in regard to their book. They don’t want them to be confused, or wonder about strange prices. That’s why they sell their book to the customer directly from the Amazon print on demand press, and for the price the author sets it at. 

It makes me very sad, because I have more books in me, but I’m leery of publishing them under these circumstances. 

My book, Baby For President is apparently banned from publication by Amazon – only for sale for $50,000 in Canada, yet no copy exists – but as for speaking truth to power, I am in good company, because my 10th great grandfather William Pynchon (right) was the first in the New World to have his book banned and burned, in 1651, and my 11th great grandfather, William Brewster, had to go into hiding in Holland for printing pamphlets criticizing the Church of England, before he boarded the Mayflower and landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620. This year marks 400 years of family tradition in a free country.