Amazon, WHY?

The problem with monopolies is that they can snuff out the competition while doing no better, in fact, while sloughing off anything — quality, counterfeits, copyright lockdown, customer service. They have no oversight, nor any reason to do better — they are just one big lazy big brother.

My paperback book, Baby For President, sold on Amazon since 2012. Amazon took it down. When I tried to put it back up, it became ‘locked up” on my Amazon KDP Bookshelf with an “in the process of publishing” message, like an airplane perpetually signaling that it’s coming in for a landing but it never touches ground. It doesn’t run out of gas because it’s got a cord plugged into Canada, Japan, Mexico and Australia to keep it afloat (at a 3,333 multiple). These other countries provide a cushy landing of a listing for scammers to attach to, with insane “$50,000” prices, importing from Wisconsin in the U.S., delivering to the U.S. but sold through a Japanese third party seller whose office is in India. The country of India.  But for $50,000, who needs the actual book available to send to the recipient in order to make a transaction through Amazon? That’s good, because has the book all locked up and it can’t be printed. A sale for 50,000 Yen passing around the world a few times, that’s a different story. Or is it? We don’t know.

I can only guess why my book and my ambition is being held hostage and banned while my reputation and my copyrighted work is being used in such a horrific unintended way. It’s been two months that it’s been up in the air.

Very disappointing customer service, to say the least.

Wonder if the movie that Amazon Prime Video came out with in 2019 called “Baby For President” has anything to do with why my book isn’t listed on

Or could it be that I filed a DMCA notice in 2018 in regard to an infringing “Mass Market Edition” of my exact book using a different ASIN number, selling for twice the price.

Or maybe AI is using me for a weird experiment.

Maybe Amazon thinks my book is so controversial (babies running for president) that they are saving Americans from harmful influence.

Maybe my photo on the cover has been flagged as a photo on an Amazon-produced product – don’t they have their fingers in everything – like the “redo” of the 2001 parenting book published by a major publisher that is now a Kindle e-book and is now being printed on demand by Amazon’s book printing service.

I don’t even want to think about what future books the Amazon Publishing imprints are up to, but maybe that’s why my book is on lockdown.

It’s all pretty lousy. But they sure don’t do anything to stop those crazy-priced third-party listings. Because they make 15% of the deal? Could I please have my fair share? But only if it’s on the up and up. Is it?

If Amazon were not such a monopoly, if Amazon was not in the business of competing with their customers, would they have any reason or incentive or temptation to lock down my intellectual property? If Amazon was not the only game in town, fair competition would reign. Free enterprise would work. This is not free enterprise.