Anna Friemoth: Words For Women


Quotes From The New York Times Women in the World:
Words For Women is a wondrously vibrant collection of photographs, showcasing not only Friemoth’s aptitude for portraiture and keen eye for design, but also her sense of humor and adventure.
As for the insults directed towards women that Words for Women spotlights, Friemoth proves how ridiculous, and ultimately unnecessary they are. Though they may not raise many red flags when spoken, seeing them through Friemoth’s eyes stops us in our tracks. “I really just want to get people thinking. In Words for Women, I offer a new perspective by challenging the viewer to a lighter yet satirical interpretation on something ugly.”
She comes from a fascinating line of artists that spans three centuries, among them her mother, photographer Penny Gentieu; her grandmother, Audrey Gentieu, a portrait painter and her great-great-great grandfather, Pierre Gentieu, who drew civil war encampments while he was a soldier.

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