Penny Gentieu and Anna Friemoth in 1993; Penny with the album she made from photos she printed of Pierre Gentieu’s glass plate negatives, Anna Friemoth holding photo of French cousin, Auguste Pondarre, in the background is a postcard made by Auguste Pondarre showing the backyard of the ancient Gentieu homestead (one of the rooftops on the left) at 54 rue Moncade, Orthez, Basses-Pyrenees, France, where Pierre lived before he moved to America. Across from the old home is the tower in the ruins of the 14th century castle of  Gaston FébusCount of Foix, the Château Moncade.

2018 work in progress: Pierre Gentieu Chronicles (1842-1930)

Pierre Gentieu immigrant ancestor from Orthez, Basses-Pyrenees, France
Auguste Pondarre and Pierre: The French Photography Connection
Pierre Gentieu – Photographs  1879-1917
Pierre Gentieu in the Civil War
Pierre Gentieu in New York
Pierre Gentieu family photos

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