Pierre and the Lafayette Guard

Drawing and binding by Pierre Gentieu, 1879

Daily Republican, June 27, 1882
First photo I ever saw of Pierre Gentieu. He was wearing the Lafayette Guard uniform, and I saw it right after I rented my Lafayette St. studio in January 1992, which was right after I found out that he was a photographer. Thank you, Pierre.
Soldiers representing five generations, Penny Gentieu Photography Studio on  Lafayette St.  A lot happened in the photo biz during the years I had the studio – call it a war on photographers waged by Corporate Greed.  But I was up for it.  I bought these toy soldiers in New Orleans in 1999 to give me strength. Sometimes they fell down from the vibration of the Six train that went through the basement of the Lafayette Street building, but never Pierre, and never the bullet. Thank you, Pierre.
380 Lafayette St., New York, New York, Spring 2000.  My studio building was under renovation both physically and metaphysically. I had a 2,100 square foot corner space with on the fifth floor with 12 windows, for ten years, then it was renovated and wouldn’t you know, the rent tripled… nothing lasts forever… except…
The Marquis de Lafayette monument. Prospect Park entrance at 9th Street, Brooklyn, New York, just five blocks down the street from our 78 Prospect Park West apartment, 2006. Thank you, Pierre.

Lest we forget Peter Houghey, first Lafayette Guard member at large:

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